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Silent Heights

Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer
- JavaScript - HTML - CSS - Blender - TortoiseSVN -

The game begins with the player waking up in a dark cell having no recollection of how they got there. From here, the player must navigate through the environment; overcoming obstacles and interacting with objects, in order to solve the mystery of their identity.

Gameplay & Interaction

As primary gameplay programmer, I handled the integration of Google’s VR View API – the foundation for player movement. This included setting up “hotspots” (similar to Google Street View), which the player could interact with to move between each 360 degree image. 

Interactive objects are placed throughout the environment for the player to discover. I handled player interactions in the same manner, setting up hotspots overlaying key items within the environment. Any time the player opens a note, it is automatically recorded in their journal.

Additionally, I integrated all scripted events; including, audio cues, voice lines, and dynamic environmental changes. I also implemented input options so that the player is able to solve puzzles. 

Level Design

Environment Design & 3D Modelling

Each location within the game was 3D modelled and lit using Blender. I was responsible for modelling several small assets in addition to the environmental design of the office level and parts of the theater. 


Equirectangular images of the environment were rendered and implemented into the website using the Google VR View API.