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Design Integration Innovation

I have a passion for game development, film, and real-time technology. I love to design and develop interesting mechanics, craft visceral environments, intuitive interfaces, and work with other enthusiasts to deliver quality entertainment.

Out on a Limb

A first person, single player, virtual reality (VR) game where the player is tasked with completing various puzzle scenarios using a cybernetic arm equipped with powerful abilities.

Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer
- Unreal Engine - GitHub -

Japanese Temple Ruins

An environment, inspired by the Uncharted and Tomb Raider series, created using Quixel Megascans and UE4’s landscape and foliage tools.

Environment Design
- Unreal Engine - Quixel -


A cinematic short centered around a graceful being, lost and forgotten on a desolate planet, who awakens for the first time in centuries.

Cinematic Short
- Maya - Quixel - Adobe Premiere Pro -

Silent Heights

A 360 degree, web-based, story-driven experience where the player must uncover the mystery of a strange, unknown environment to solve the secret of the voice within the walls.

Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer
- JavaScript - HTML - CSS - Blender - TortoiseSVN -

Two Space

A cooperative 2D sidescroller where players explore an alien environment, dodging obstacles while attempting to mine and harvest as many rare minerals as possible before time runs out.

Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer
- Unity - C# - Adobe Illustrator - GitHub -

Short Circuit

A 3D isometric stealth game where the player attempts to infiltrate a heavily guarded security base using a small, shape shifting robot.

Game Designer, Environment Designer, Gameplay Programmer
- Unreal Engine - GitHub -

Stew It

A web-based, multiplayer, cooking game where players work together to prepare, cook, and deliver various dishes to customers – supports Oculus Go, mobile, and PC.

Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer
- VR - JavaScript - AFrame - GitHub -

P.M. Trudeau's Visit

A short video showcasing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Invest Ottawa, capturing his reaction to the groundbreaking work being done there and his message to the innovators of the future.

Videographer, Editor
- Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe Photoshop -