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Short Circuit

Game Designer, Environment Designer, Gameplay Programmer
- Unreal Engine - GitHub -

By applying spatial awareness and utilizing their ability to scan and transform into various objects, players must carve a strategic path through their environment and avoid being detected by the patrolling guards to successfully infiltrate the secret facility!

Environment Design

Throughout the duration of this short project, the majority of my time was invested in game and level design. I was responsible for the lighting and atmospherics of several of the environments (see images below). Given that the game was developed in Unreal Engine and had a performant art style, I was able to make full use of dynamic lighting, volumetric fog, and global illumination.


Throughout pre-production, the majority of my time was invested in the design of gameplay mechanics, including how they would harmonize to create interesting puzzle scenarios. Given the small size of our team, we designed “puzzle modules” (See Section Below) which could be placed throughout environments, allowing us to effectively create larger, more intricate, puzzles.